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An Unreported Economy

While we might want to believe that there is no effect of immigration policy on the economy. The truth is that the impact of what we say or do has a direct effect on how people respond. If we fail to tell the truth we conjure up feelings of despair or even desperation. People make rash and uninformed decisions and everyone can suffer as a result.

Recently in a community not far from our Nation’s Capitol, I visited a small business whose customer base was 1/3 Hispanic origin. His business had been off significantly over the last 30 days and previously substantially for about an additional 3 months. The economy in general has been off for some time. He presented me with the last 30 days work orders. None of them had Hispanic surnames. Then he presented the work orders for the previous 12 months. At least 1/3 were exactly that. There is no question that there was a direct correlation between the news cycle and the precipitous drop off of his business.

He then related information with respect to other business that he dealt with, some of whom were his customers and others who provided goods and services to him. All of them had similar drops in business. It was stunning news to say the least. Most of these business had been in the community for many years, one of them had actually closed its doors. Of course this is business gossip which like any other gossip has to be taken with a grain of salt, but given the general business climate and history of the area it was not difficult to find more true than embellishment.

While there are no armies of jack booted thugs going door to door to root out immigrants who are in this country without the proper documentation or who have broken the law in violation of the terms of their visa or have come here illegally and been deported and returned illegally again or multiple times, there is an effort to find violent criminals and to deport them. Federal agents have been given broad discretion otherwise to the point that they can ignore all other persons a wanted person may be found with if that makes the best use of their time and resources. Unfortunately that is not the word passing through the Hispanic communities in the area and even people here legally are finding themselves living in some degree of discomfort or even fear.

These businesses cannot post signs “Hispanics Welcome” or ”No Immgration Agents on the Premises for Your  Protection” mainly because it would be pandering and it would also look ridiculous to everyone else who frequents their establishments. What they can do is demand that the media explain in no uncertain terms that the streets are not filled with deportation police. That people can live there lives and continue to do business as usual. That they should not abandon their homes and their jobs and their cars. They should sleep at night like they always have, unless of course they are a violent criminal or repeat deportation violator. Then they will have problems.

The President is not seeking to break up families, or to ruin the lives of the so-called “Dreamers”. The President has been very clear about his intentions and his directives respecting enforcement of current law,  not any new laws, laws that are and have been on the books for many years. There has been a hateful and willful attempt to undermine everything that the President has attempted to put in place regarding domestic immigrants without legal status. There is no wonder that people are asking used car car dealerships to take back cars they have purchased because they are self deportating, and on and on…

So it has become exceedingly clear that whether we like it or not that the undocumented workers in our country have a huge effect on our economy. If they disappear it makes a difference in a very short period of time. The time to permanently fix for our broken immigration system is now. In the 1980’s then President Reagan agreed to give amnesty to nearly 3 million undocumented persons mostly of Hispanic origin on the condition that our borders be sealed and that the act of giving mass amnesty would never ever occur again. Today we find ourselves in a situation that is much worse than it was under President Reagan. Today up to 20 million but perhaps as few as 11 million undocumented workers require some kind of legal status be established for them by President Trump. We have a bitterly divided Congress with slim Republican majorities that cannot on their on pass comprehensive legislation. They may have some luck passing pieces of a larger package on the way to  full reform. Only the voices of the American people can push the resolve of Congress over its loyalty to Special interests and its own selfishness.

The bottom line is something will happen sooner than later because of our National Debt. We can little afford to ignore the potential tax base an additional even 11 million legal persons provide. We've run up a huge debt and we have massive holes in Medicare and Medicaid the need to be plugged with payroll taxes from people living in the shadows. These economic issues will outweigh all other concerns. In the meantime let's all demand that there be real truth delivered to everyone especially our undocumented friends.

Friday, March 18, 2016

The GOP what to do next?

The Grand Old Party has come to the crossroads of tyranny and democracy, but can it choose wisely and better yet, can it find its way back on a path to building a "Shining City on a Hill"?

Donald Trump has turned American politics on its head. He poses a threat to both right and left with his brash style and deliberate disregard for decades of the correct crowd's language barriers. He doesn't need anyone's money to make a run for the White House and has been a healthy contributor to a number of it's past occpants. He is on every side of every issue at the same time denying at a moments notice any  evidence to the contrary, and he is as confident about himself and his chances of winning as anyone that has tossed their hat into the ring.

Yes, He is a billionaire showman and a businessman who has done what many business people st his level have done along the way, had a few failures. Some larger than others, a few requiring assistance from the bankruptvy courts to resowlve. The fact is he is successful and he has built a huge company with thousands of employees. He understands the economy in ways most of us can only hope to get an inkling from in the pages of the Wall Street Journal. He knows how to manage people and that is after all what politics is in the end... hearts and minds. He's a winner and he wants you to believe you can be one too.

Now before you stop reading because you believe I am in the bag for "The Donald" you need to check your imagination at the end of the last paragraph. He is not my first choice for President, but in the end he may necessarily be my last. I will not cast a vote for Hillary Clinton.

The GOP invited Mr Trump to the party with open arms. Now they are caught with their tail between their legs because they found out he invited in every pissed off person that's voted Republican since Bush 43 took office. He represents their collective Middle Finger and they along with a bunch of Reagan Democrats and some independents are coming along for the ride
 Every reasonably qualified candidate, yes there were at one point 17 except for 2 have gone to the wayside. The entire establishment from top to bottom of the GOP Past and Present cut through like butter with a hot knife. Only one serious contender remains, Ted Cruz.

The GOP hates Ted Cruz of Texas almost as much as Donald Trump of New York. Cruz has been the insider enema the GOP Senate has never been able to accept. He's broken a Cardinal rule of their club, He kept his campaign promises. God forbid they all might try that sometime. Cruz has a very good campaign built but his resources are limited and he is a real Conservative. He has won 8 primaries and cacusses, but none by convincing majorities except his home state of Texas.

The Party Faithful believe they have an argument that if Trump fails to achieve a sufficient number of delegates to secure the nomination outright, that the rules committee should be allowed to change the rules and a candidate acceptable to them could be selected from the convention floor. Governor John Kasich of Ohio the other remaining candidate is hoping this will be his path to the eventual GOP nomination.

The problem is that the National Party and the State Parties committed to a process with a set of rules everyone agreed to follow. People have gone to the polls and will continue to go until the last primary in June. They expect their voice to count. They expect their vote to carry some weight even if it is by a plurality rather than a majority. Their own post 2012 election autopsy report showed clearly that their number one priority was to listen more closely to the voters. To date they've made a mocary of the process.

The last contested convention pitted a sitting President Gerald R Ford against a former Governor Ronald Wilson Reagan. Reagan lost by just fewer than 125 votes after a number of ballots. Jimmy Cater went on to win the General Election. It left Reagan so dejected he nearly left politics all together, but came back four years later at the urging of his wife Nancy, and was elected twice.

The GOP has not had a good track record since with the White House since. They elected Bush 41 and 43 but lost with Dole, McCain, and Romney.

They accepted an alliance with the socalled TEA party and won back the House of Representatives in 2010,  then increased their margins in 2012 and taking the Senate back in 2014. Each time they came vowing to take action by using the power of the purse held by the House to reign in President Obama and to end the log jam Harry Reid created in the Senate. Nothing happened on either count and no positive action beyond a budget trap they laid for the President and we're eventually were blamed for themselves which they gave up on in the end was ever presented to the American People.

The rank and file Republican base has had it and then are on the outs with their Party leadership. They grow more frustrated each day. A takeover by Party hacks at the convention would result in mutiny. There will be no "Riots" because that's not what Republicans do. There will be a backlash the likes of which no one may have ever seen. Not only would Mr Trump get his nomination, but the platform could be changed from the floor, and so to could be the rules, and the Party officials. The days  of smoke filled rooms with backroom deals would be faint memories the Party leaders could simply pray to have back.

Let's face it. The GOP F'd it up good. Not just this time but a bunch of times. Their half baked thought processes and half assed follow through have brought them to this point. It's over for them unless they take one for the team. They need to heed the voice of the people and respect the process they themselves created. Next time if you are going to allow in everyone be sure you know who the hell everyone is exactly. If they do not I am afraid it is over, and  over for the fools running the show. They may as well board up the building in DC and move to France. At least there they don't have to pick up a gun.

Monday, January 04, 2016

How Trump's Deportation Order Could Work

Everyone from the media to the Democratic Party Candidates to Mr. Trump's own Republican Party competitors for the nomination have panned his notion of shipping  out up to 12 million unlawfully present persons making their residence in the borders of the United States for various reasons. Some have called it impractical and others have gone as far as to call it racist. Regardless of how you feel about Mr. Trump and his idea, it is not the first time it has been done.

However, the scale of the undertaking does pose considerable logistical issues. It also will create economic disruption to families and communities not to mention the social implications of sending away family members for a possibly indefinite period of time.

Mexico is the single largest source of the immigrant population that resides here without legal status. Mexico is also the recipient of a significant amount of the earnings of many of the workers here who send money to their families from every paycheck.

When a country establishes an embassy or consulate on foreign soil that place becomes the sovereign territory of the government of the establishing country. Why would it not be possible for Mexico to establish temporary consulate offices within US borders where each one of the non compliant individuals could self deport and at the same time apply for and be issued a temporary US Visa providing them legal status and the ability to work while they apply  for permanent resident status.

This would solve Mr. Trump's logistical issue and take the burden of home wrecker and racist from all of the various titles he has so generously been bestowed. It would also be the.beginning of a solution to our immigration disaster.

All immigrants to the United States should have to pledge to assimilate. It is no longer enough to ask what we have been requirung. We cannot be a melting pot if everyone who comes to our shores or our border refuses our culture in favor of their own. We are a uniquely American culture. We come frome many lands and cultures and we have and do speak many laguages, but we are united as one people with one language and stand in the world as the Shining City on the Hill from which a Thousand Points of Light can be aspired to if you only have the desire to aspire.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

What will the next TARGET be?

The first thing first! Goodbye to the HYPHEN. HYPHEN you've created a house divided. You've stopped the assimilation of immigrants from many into one by giving them permission to remain separate. You've promoted the idea that our culture is ripe for many languages not a uniquely American brand of English to be part of our great society. You've made it a necessary evil to name all who disagree a  bigot or worse. You've made your way into our lexicon in ways no one ever dreamed possible. It is time for you to go BAN THE HYPHEN!!!

Everyone says to put the Confederate Flag in a Museum... well hell, let's just ban museums. We don't need them anyway. We have the internet. Isn't that what Al Gore invented it for... I mean really? Just pack all that stuff up and sell it to some rich dude in Hollywood and use the real estate for Homeless Shelters. Our children will be perfectly happy using their iPhones and iPads to look at photos of historical artifacts and documents in the comfort of their home of classroom, and think of all the fossil fuel that will be saved from not having to send them on field trips, not to mention the liability for potential harm that could come to them should they be killed, maimed, or otherwise damaged from viewing some unforeseen event too graphic to describe. Museums are stuffy and are for "Old People". The internet is Cool and when you're bored with Pocahontas and Patrick Henry you can go kill aliens. They'll have all sorts of virtual nastiness to see, the Nazis, the Confederates, the Soviets, you name it... it's all there, no brick and mortar required. BURN ALL THE FLAGS & THE BOOKS TOO... Amazon needs the business.   

Next we need to have an Article VI (5) Constitutional Convention to set aside some of the perks Congress has taken for itself over the past century or so. First among that list would be Term Limits. At one time I foolishly believed like our founders elections were term limits, but Congress has "rigged the system" in ways that have Jefferson and Madison spinning faster than dynamometers in their respective graves with the use of gerrymandering and other political trickery that guarantees them a nearly endless return to their seat of power once elected. Second would be a secession of benefits for members of Congress (House and Senate - both make up Congress contrary to popular belief) give them health insurance while they're in office, beyond that, they're on their own. The list here is quite nasty but I believe the point is that the power of Congress needs to be restrained in a manner that forces it to reflect the intent of the founding document and the States should be returned to a more prominent role in resolving the issues of the day. Some would like to see a return to appointed Senate seats as originally set forth by the Constitution, this would tend to be more reflective of the representation of State Governments and not that of political machines, along with term limits this is a logical and reasonable return to a republican (small R) form of government. Note we are not a pure democracy (small D).

On the subject of Education, we need to Ban the Public Teacher's Unions. If you don't teach you need to GTFO... that simple. When your primary negotiation position is "You Don't Care About the Children" it's a 99% chance the lie is pretty big there. Maybe the teachers care a lot... those thugs that run the front office don't give a wit about the little sniveling naves in the classroom, or their little dogs named Toto either. So No Tenure just for showing up. Oh don't worry... For you layers upon layers of mid level management... Bye-Bye too, if you can't be justified in a direct support role for educating a child you've got no business being in the business of education. We spend far too much to get crappy results. We're behind not one or two countries in the world, we're behind a dozen and in some cases 20 countries. That doesn't say much for the effectiveness of our system. While the school systems need serious reform they can't be the "target" of all the blame. A good portion of that needs to go to the Parents of the students for not following up on their children and not participating in their children's education in a meaningful way. No one is off the hook here.
While I'm beating up Education... We need to ban Protest signs. People are ignorant and are not taught to spell properly in the bullshit excuses for public schools we send them to... it's embarrassing to send images of protesters around the world that can't spell what they are protesting against. That's just offensive.

We need to ban the Shoe Police at Airports. Do you know how many people have stinky feet? Do you know how many old people can't tie their own shoes? Do you know how many shoe bombs have been found since people have been forced to take off their shoes at airports? TSA isn't answering any of these questions. It's the nation's largest employer of people with foot fetishes.  To date however... no reported incidents of explosive shoes. Stop that shit now!.

We need to ban Global Warming & Climate Change alarmists from the public square, yes that includes TV and Radio.  Until hell freezes over they have not much to report. So far they've been blissfully wrong about all their predictions. I'm still trying to figure out how the glaciers melted without the help of cow farts and tractor trailer exhaust...but I digress.  Besides a few major volcanic eruptions or one pretty good size asteroid in the right place and their theory is shot all to hell anyway. This is also true in the event of a nuclear war. Iran will sell a nuke to someone. Sorry Al Gore, you lose.

Ethanol... gotta ban that. Uses too much energy to produce and causes artificially high prices of corn which drives up the cost of food for poverty stricken people at home and abroad. That's settled science -no debate move on.

We need to ban all the Bullshit Wars...Congress last declared war to get us into World War II nothing since. Take you bullshit war and shove them... Got a cause... make it a war... No More!!! War on Poverty - Epic Fail, War on Drugs - Epic Fail, War on Cancer... my mother and lots of friends and relatives are dead... the jury is still out. The War on Women - pure unadulterated bullshit. Currently there is a War on male rapists on college campuses - Duke, UVA, now Amherst...  How's that working out for ya??? Hope and Change Much - another Epic Fail. Even when there's a basis for something that could have merit, activist with their take no prisoners methods destroy any hope of credibility and have set back this cause perhaps irreversibly.

Then there's Poor Alexander Hamilton is already been TARGETED to come off of the $10 bill. The original bill moving through Congress had taken aim at Andrew Jackson on the Twenty Dollar Denomination, but the Secretary of the Treasury poo pooed that idea in favor of all the people to pick, the man that designed our monetary system would be the last likely candidate.  Why not dump Abe Lincoln, he's got a monument and used to have a National  holiday in his honor. It's not like he'll be forgotten. He wasn't even a founding father. All he really did was preside over the deadliest period of political strife in our country's history and get assassinated for his efforts. Well he did free the Slaves and give us the Income tax so there is at least one good thing there. Regardless, a the Five Dollar Bill is a much more people friendly denomination. We could just scrap old white men altogether and use pictures of National Parks. I vote for that before Global warming floods them or burns them out of existence. 

Let's not forget the dreaded Washington Redskins are still a TARGET because its hateful and racists and promotes ill will amongst every native American that ever received a survey question. The owner Daniel Snyder has told the Congress to go screw themselves and they stripped him of his trademark, for now... this is the 2nd time, the first since he's been owner. The courts thought otherwise, but hey its just a Constitution. Washington will be the first of many if the politically incorrect crowd gets its way... Cleveland,  Atlanta, San Diego,  and every college, high school, and little league team down the line. So far at least Notre Dame is safe but I have a feeling that Leprechaun's days are numbered. It's a hate symbol to all good drunk Irishmen. Away with you bloody little green man!

Perfume and Cologne...  Well lets ban that. Olfactory offensiveness is just as bad as visual offensiveness. If you have bad Body Odor of any sort you must report to a hygiene re-education seminar and be certified clean before returning to your workplace or other public venue.

Sushi... well that is just a public nuisance.  It promotes the spread of all sorts of ocean born diseases and kills off far too many "potentially endangered" species of fish. Only Tofu Sushi should be permitted.  Save our ocean fisheries!!!

Have I crossed over into the pretty much ridiculous? Well, that's for you to decide... the point is there is no end to where things will end when the politically incorrect crowd gets started. They are instrumentalist. They started with cigarette smoking in airplanes in the 70's, first just 2 hour flights, then it just expanded until there was none. That wasn't enough... it went to public buildings, then private buildings, now even some outdoor venues. Is smoking bad for you, pretty much certainly yes... are they hypocrites? You bet your ass... They'll ban where you smoke but they won't ban tobacco. You see tobacco comes with a "Sin Tax" and that tax even though it is dwindling is worth millions of dollars to the coffers of Federal, State, and Local governments. It's okay if it kills you as long as you pay up. They really don't give a shit about you, they just don't want to be bothered with your smoke and they still want your money so they can laugh behind your back. They're moving toward the same thing with Alcohol, but too many of them still need that to calm their nerves when they run short of the prescriptions they've been popping, or to get chill after one too many Starbucks. A few years back a certain Senator from Vermont tried to put a 1,000% tax on Ammunition as a back door ban to certain weapons. Fortunately for America he couldn't get it passed out of his own committee and he was the Chairman. All is not lost...but it could be if we don't keep a watchful eye. You can be sure they're watching you.

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Why All Marriage Should Be Banned...

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. . . . Marriage although administered under the civil laws of the state, is more commonly associated with its traditional religious roots with the bulk of ceremonies are performed regularly in Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, and Temples. Thus by its nature provides ample concern based on other president to be deemed "Establishment" and therefore Unconstitutional as a state function. That argument is not much of a stretch, but no sane person wants to make it for a myriad of different reasons, most of all the state because it benefits greatly.

Regardless, States have the ability to provide for contractual agreements between individuals. They can receive a non-religious name Social Contract or Civil Contract as opposed to the apparently offensive Civil Union that exist in many states currently. A contract simply sets forth a set of rules under which two people will function as a partnership. The State can provide boiler plate language and the participants are free to add whatever other requirements are necessary to codify the relationship that suits them best. Agreements of this type can and should be renewable periodically with a fee attached in the same way as a corporation or partnership pays a fee to a State, or an individual pays for a drivers license or professional license.

Religious Matrimony is a function of religious organizations and is sanctioned by them according to their sovereign guidelines and rules. If a Church wants to join two men or two women in a ceremony that is their choice, but if another church does not, they are free to exercise their freedom under the Constitution. Nothing is more sacred to Americans than their ability to practice their faith or not, and to do so without the interference of the State to the extent that all other manner of law is observed. Religions determine what is Holy or not and what meets the requirements of particular faith. For instance Roman Catholics require a six month instructional period prior to marriage in the Church so that a couple is deemed fully aware of the responsibilities of the Sacrament Holy Matrimony and the consequences of their having entered into it from a number of perspectives both financially and spiritually. The same is true for other faiths for different time frames. Other's have no such requirement.

The point here is that no one gets to own a Word. No one receives purview over defining society. The same should hold true for each and every word that has any controversy associated with it, regardless of the political prize for which it might curry favor . Words do not have rights. Words do not have responsibilities. Rights and Responsibilities are for people alone. No group should be able to hold another group hostage over a word. No individual should have to have their conscience or livelihood trampled or tossed aside because of a word. The time for Political Correctness and the Word Police to take permanent leave of us, and for all concerned to understand no one is better or worse an another. So, no more Defense of Marriage Amendments, no more LGBT Marriage Lawsuits, Laws, or Amendments to Constitutions. No more torts for damages for hurt feelings, and no more businesses being forced to comply with rules they do not believe in for the sake of their conscience. No more veiled references to the intolerance of mainstream religions.

The entire Grievance industry needs to be shut down and the Race industry is no exception.  When the mere mention of the word Racist shuts down any and all discussion about any topic whatever, there can be no effective reasonable communication between two or more parties simply because someone may have been unduly tainted by an unsubstantiated accusation. If there is no civil discourse there can never be a point at which people can even agree to disagree on any topic. Lists of "Code Words", one that is secret and seemingly never ceasing to grow provides a moving target for anyone deemed irrelevant and ripe for abuse. The abusers reap far beyond what they sow in benefits, much of which undoubtedly comes from sources far less interested in furthering the agenda of an organization than they are the political discourse that benefits themselves and their friends.

The Incrementalism may have worked it's magic to bring forth what most assuredly seems like victory for a LGBT minority that has achieved protected class. Unfortunately for them, it has now met with inertia, yes that nasty law that requires an equal reaction of force. A backlash is beginning and the results will not be pretty. It would have been really nice if everyone could have followed the advice of Rodney King and tried to just get along. The LBGT community could have been so much farther ahead and much more readily accepted had they simply gone along with compromises that did not involve words. Achievement of Equality does not always mean being equal in all regard. Some will always be more equal than others. However, when you rub your neighbors face in his own dog poop you cannot expect to be invited to their next barbeque. Food for thought.

The Real War Against Women... An Unprotected Class...

The Real War on Women that has been purposely unreported by the media for decades is not a Secret War waged by underground forces of the conservative movement subsidized by wealthy capitalist seeking to take away birth control and shut down abortion clinics. No, the Real War on Women the media has avoided like the plague is the war waged against a particular class of women by no less than the Homosexual Community. The reason it has not been reported is because it does not lend itself to promote the narrative of the struggle of the Homosexual Community through the decades of its own discrimination by any number of groups, both majority and minority based. These poor women are truly in a class of their own, left to fend for themselves, and have nowhere to turn for help. They are forgotten as were lepers sent to a colony to waste away. They receive no justice here in the United States of America.

Who are these women? Where do they come from? Why have they been abused? They are normal everyday women, born of everyday parents, who through no fault of their own received a name on their birth certificate. Their name is "Gay". They were born between the 1920's and the 1970's to American households, and their parents believed in their heart of hearts the name they gave their little girl baby meant Happy or Joyful, and were very proud to have done so when they affixed their signature to the birth certificate. Most grew up happy and content, not a worry in the world, some leading full lives, and have achieving great things. Then in the late 1970's their world became shattered. Their name whose primary definition was happy or joyful was been co-opted by the Homosexual Community and the new definition was now to be Homosexual.

All across America the Gay Banner became the new word for Homosexual and the Name "Gay" was set aside, cast aside even like a tattered flag on a trash heap waiting to be burned. The Women named "Gay" were suddenly women with "No Name". They had no place to turn, no public advocate. They dare not challenge the new and powerful "Gay Community" that now had begun to hold "Gay Pride Parades" and formed their own government lobby. They had lost their war before it had even begun, with no shots fired. No newspaper accounts were made, no radio or television reporters came to interview them. They were American Outcasts in their own country and remain so today. How is this possible in a country that prides itself in protecting minority rights? How can a War on Women become a daily drum beat on network newscasts and there be not one mention of a single woman named "Gay". It is truly absurd and astonishing.

So where do these women turn? How do they get their Name and their rights restored? What reparations are they owed by our government for the abuses they have suffered for being abandoned these many years as a minority? Where will they put the Monument in Washington, DC to the "Women named Gay"? The time to act is now, before all of these women have perished from this earth. They deserve their day in court, their rights preserved, and their name restored to its proper place.

Will you help take back the name Gay for these women and for those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice? Will you restore the primary definition of the word Gay to it's former lustre. Will you fight for the rights of these forgotten women? Will you end the Real War on Women?

Why Mark Levin is Absolutely Correct...

Go out and pick yourself up two copies of The Liberty Amendments by Mark R Levin an Attorney, Constitutional Law Expert, founder of the Landmark Lega lFoundation, and Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host. Read one, give the other to a friend, and then convince someone who disagrees with you to read the one you read. Our country is at stake and it is far too important to leave to the hands of those who would abuse it into perpetuity, leaving our children and our children's children financially and morally bankrupt forever.


Individual Rights and Individual Responsibilities are the Hallmarks of all that is American. The basis of our very being as a country lies within accepting rights from our Creator and as Individuals giving certain of them to a government formed of by and for the people. Our Government is limited by its very nature and subject to the people through their elected representatives. What has occurred since the ratification of the Constitution of the United States is the very nightmare discussed so eloquently by the founders in the Federalist Papers and by Alexis de Tocqueville in his Democracy in America, a tyranny. The people have become so ignorant and or so lazy, that they have failed to exercise proper judgment in their suffrage right as to allow the Congress of the United States to take to themselves powers not granted to them, and to grant unto the President powers which they have no right to grant unto it; while at the same time allowing the President to accumulate powers unto itself powers not granted either by the Constitution or by the Congress.  This has lead to unchecked authority to be taken by the Courts not granted to them by the Congress, and a Supreme Court not made of the best jurists, but rather of the most politically aligned jurists. Our system of government as nearly as perfect as it can be has therefore found itself in tatters and near failure. The only solution is to use the authority granted within the Constitution to the People through the States under Article Five (5) to correct the wrongs by way of a convention to offer certain Amendments to the Constitution that neither the Congress, the President, or the Courts have any authority to review, and then should they be passed by the States in due course, become the sovereign law of the land under which the Congress, the President, and the Courts must abide.


The movement is afoot to do just this, Several State Legislatures have approved bills authorizing representatives to be appointed to an Article FiveConstitutional Convention. Hopefully more States will follow and soon the people will be able to take back their Government and restore faith and hope in the Constitution of the United States. Term limits on Members of Congress, on Federal Judges, and on Supreme Court Justices is one item. Another is explicitly clear language regarding certain clauses the "Commerce Clause" the "Establishment Clause" to name two, to resolve any misinterpretation of the stated intent of the limitations intended. Yet another is repeal of the direct election of the Senate of the United States, and a return to the previous format where State legislatures approved the appointment of Senators, assuring that Senators are beholding to the interest of the State they represent and not to the interest of outside influences. There is a laundry list of reasonable changes that could be made to help correct crony capitalism and special interest corruption. The Tenth Amendment powers must be expanded giving the States more authority and autonomy. Government is and should be best administered closest to its source, the people.  

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

The Benghazi 15

The Members of the House of Representatives Oversight Committee who walked out on Benghazi victim family members on September 19, 2013 they are
The Benghazi 15

Here is the Video Evidence
Videos Copyright C-Span 2013

Video #1 - Review Panel

Video #2 - Parents Panel

 In Video #2 the #Benghazi15 have excused themselves and abandoned the Parents of American Heroes Killed in Service to their Country :

 Please Tweet their Names and Deed often during 2014

1.   Rep. Lacy Clay @LacyClayMO1 ·  Missouri 1st

2.   Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney @RepMaloney · New York 12th

3.    Rep. Danny Davis @RepDannyDavis ·  Illinois 7th

4.   Rep. Gerry Connolly @GerryConnolly ·  Virginia 11th

5.    Rep. Jim Cooper @repjimcooper  ·  Tennessee 5th

6.    Rep. Stephen Lynch @RepStephenLynch · Massachusetts 8th

7.    Rep. Steven Horsford @RepHorsford ·  Nevada 4th

8.    Rep. Tony C├írdenas @RepCardenas · San Fernando Valley

9.     Del. Eleanor H. Norton @EleanorNorton ·   Washington, DC

10.   Rep. Tammy Duckworth @RepDuckworth  ·  Illinois 8th

11.   Rep. John Tierney @RepTierney Massachusetts 6th

12.   Rep. Mark Pocan @repmarkpocan  ·  Wisconsin 2nd

13.   Rep. Matt Cartwright @RepCartwright · Pennsylvania 17th

14.   Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham @RepLujanGrisham ·  New Mexico 1st

15.   Rep. Peter Welch @PeterWelch ·  Vermont - At Large