Saturday, March 08, 2014

Why All Marriage Should Be Banned...

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. . . . Marriage although administered under the civil laws of the state, is more commonly associated with its traditional religious roots with the bulk of ceremonies are performed regularly in Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, and Temples. Thus by its nature provides ample concern based on other president to be deemed "Establishment" and therefore Unconstitutional as a state function. That argument is not much of a stretch, but no sane person wants to make it for a myriad of different reasons, most of all the state because it benefits greatly.

Regardless, States have the ability to provide for contractual agreements between individuals. They can receive a non-religious name Social Contract or Civil Contract as opposed to the apparently offensive Civil Union that exist in many states currently. A contract simply sets forth a set of rules under which two people will function as a partnership. The State can provide boiler plate language and the participants are free to add whatever other requirements are necessary to codify the relationship that suits them best. Agreements of this type can and should be renewable periodically with a fee attached in the same way as a corporation or partnership pays a fee to a State, or an individual pays for a drivers license or professional license.

Religious Matrimony is a function of religious organizations and is sanctioned by them according to their sovereign guidelines and rules. If a Church wants to join two men or two women in a ceremony that is their choice, but if another church does not, they are free to exercise their freedom under the Constitution. Nothing is more sacred to Americans than their ability to practice their faith or not, and to do so without the interference of the State to the extent that all other manner of law is observed. Religions determine what is Holy or not and what meets the requirements of particular faith. For instance Roman Catholics require a six month instructional period prior to marriage in the Church so that a couple is deemed fully aware of the responsibilities of the Sacrament Holy Matrimony and the consequences of their having entered into it from a number of perspectives both financially and spiritually. The same is true for other faiths for different time frames. Other's have no such requirement.

The point here is that no one gets to own a Word. No one receives purview over defining society. The same should hold true for each and every word that has any controversy associated with it, regardless of the political prize for which it might curry favor . Words do not have rights. Words do not have responsibilities. Rights and Responsibilities are for people alone. No group should be able to hold another group hostage over a word. No individual should have to have their conscience or livelihood trampled or tossed aside because of a word. The time for Political Correctness and the Word Police to take permanent leave of us, and for all concerned to understand no one is better or worse an another. So, no more Defense of Marriage Amendments, no more LGBT Marriage Lawsuits, Laws, or Amendments to Constitutions. No more torts for damages for hurt feelings, and no more businesses being forced to comply with rules they do not believe in for the sake of their conscience. No more veiled references to the intolerance of mainstream religions.

The entire Grievance industry needs to be shut down and the Race industry is no exception.  When the mere mention of the word Racist shuts down any and all discussion about any topic whatever, there can be no effective reasonable communication between two or more parties simply because someone may have been unduly tainted by an unsubstantiated accusation. If there is no civil discourse there can never be a point at which people can even agree to disagree on any topic. Lists of "Code Words", one that is secret and seemingly never ceasing to grow provides a moving target for anyone deemed irrelevant and ripe for abuse. The abusers reap far beyond what they sow in benefits, much of which undoubtedly comes from sources far less interested in furthering the agenda of an organization than they are the political discourse that benefits themselves and their friends.

The Incrementalism may have worked it's magic to bring forth what most assuredly seems like victory for a LGBT minority that has achieved protected class. Unfortunately for them, it has now met with inertia, yes that nasty law that requires an equal reaction of force. A backlash is beginning and the results will not be pretty. It would have been really nice if everyone could have followed the advice of Rodney King and tried to just get along. The LBGT community could have been so much farther ahead and much more readily accepted had they simply gone along with compromises that did not involve words. Achievement of Equality does not always mean being equal in all regard. Some will always be more equal than others. However, when you rub your neighbors face in his own dog poop you cannot expect to be invited to their next barbeque. Food for thought.

The Real War Against Women... An Unprotected Class...

The Real War on Women that has been purposely unreported by the media for decades is not a Secret War waged by underground forces of the conservative movement subsidized by wealthy capitalist seeking to take away birth control and shut down abortion clinics. No, the Real War on Women the media has avoided like the plague is the war waged against a particular class of women by no less than the Homosexual Community. The reason it has not been reported is because it does not lend itself to promote the narrative of the struggle of the Homosexual Community through the decades of its own discrimination by any number of groups, both majority and minority based. These poor women are truly in a class of their own, left to fend for themselves, and have nowhere to turn for help. They are forgotten as were lepers sent to a colony to waste away. They receive no justice here in the United States of America.

Who are these women? Where do they come from? Why have they been abused? They are normal everyday women, born of everyday parents, who through no fault of their own received a name on their birth certificate. Their name is "Gay". They were born between the 1920's and the 1970's to American households, and their parents believed in their heart of hearts the name they gave their little girl baby meant Happy or Joyful, and were very proud to have done so when they affixed their signature to the birth certificate. Most grew up happy and content, not a worry in the world, some leading full lives, and have achieving great things. Then in the late 1970's their world became shattered. Their name whose primary definition was happy or joyful was been co-opted by the Homosexual Community and the new definition was now to be Homosexual.

All across America the Gay Banner became the new word for Homosexual and the Name "Gay" was set aside, cast aside even like a tattered flag on a trash heap waiting to be burned. The Women named "Gay" were suddenly women with "No Name". They had no place to turn, no public advocate. They dare not challenge the new and powerful "Gay Community" that now had begun to hold "Gay Pride Parades" and formed their own government lobby. They had lost their war before it had even begun, with no shots fired. No newspaper accounts were made, no radio or television reporters came to interview them. They were American Outcasts in their own country and remain so today. How is this possible in a country that prides itself in protecting minority rights? How can a War on Women become a daily drum beat on network newscasts and there be not one mention of a single woman named "Gay". It is truly absurd and astonishing.

So where do these women turn? How do they get their Name and their rights restored? What reparations are they owed by our government for the abuses they have suffered for being abandoned these many years as a minority? Where will they put the Monument in Washington, DC to the "Women named Gay"? The time to act is now, before all of these women have perished from this earth. They deserve their day in court, their rights preserved, and their name restored to its proper place.

Will you help take back the name Gay for these women and for those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice? Will you restore the primary definition of the word Gay to it's former lustre. Will you fight for the rights of these forgotten women? Will you end the Real War on Women?

Why Mark Levin is Absolutely Correct...

Go out and pick yourself up two copies of The Liberty Amendments by Mark R Levin an Attorney, Constitutional Law Expert, founder of the Landmark Lega lFoundation, and Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host. Read one, give the other to a friend, and then convince someone who disagrees with you to read the one you read. Our country is at stake and it is far too important to leave to the hands of those who would abuse it into perpetuity, leaving our children and our children's children financially and morally bankrupt forever.


Individual Rights and Individual Responsibilities are the Hallmarks of all that is American. The basis of our very being as a country lies within accepting rights from our Creator and as Individuals giving certain of them to a government formed of by and for the people. Our Government is limited by its very nature and subject to the people through their elected representatives. What has occurred since the ratification of the Constitution of the United States is the very nightmare discussed so eloquently by the founders in the Federalist Papers and by Alexis de Tocqueville in his Democracy in America, a tyranny. The people have become so ignorant and or so lazy, that they have failed to exercise proper judgment in their suffrage right as to allow the Congress of the United States to take to themselves powers not granted to them, and to grant unto the President powers which they have no right to grant unto it; while at the same time allowing the President to accumulate powers unto itself powers not granted either by the Constitution or by the Congress.  This has lead to unchecked authority to be taken by the Courts not granted to them by the Congress, and a Supreme Court not made of the best jurists, but rather of the most politically aligned jurists. Our system of government as nearly as perfect as it can be has therefore found itself in tatters and near failure. The only solution is to use the authority granted within the Constitution to the People through the States under Article Five (5) to correct the wrongs by way of a convention to offer certain Amendments to the Constitution that neither the Congress, the President, or the Courts have any authority to review, and then should they be passed by the States in due course, become the sovereign law of the land under which the Congress, the President, and the Courts must abide.


The movement is afoot to do just this, Several State Legislatures have approved bills authorizing representatives to be appointed to an Article FiveConstitutional Convention. Hopefully more States will follow and soon the people will be able to take back their Government and restore faith and hope in the Constitution of the United States. Term limits on Members of Congress, on Federal Judges, and on Supreme Court Justices is one item. Another is explicitly clear language regarding certain clauses the "Commerce Clause" the "Establishment Clause" to name two, to resolve any misinterpretation of the stated intent of the limitations intended. Yet another is repeal of the direct election of the Senate of the United States, and a return to the previous format where State legislatures approved the appointment of Senators, assuring that Senators are beholding to the interest of the State they represent and not to the interest of outside influences. There is a laundry list of reasonable changes that could be made to help correct crony capitalism and special interest corruption. The Tenth Amendment powers must be expanded giving the States more authority and autonomy. Government is and should be best administered closest to its source, the people.  

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

The Benghazi 15

The Members of the House of Representatives Oversight Committee who walked out on Benghazi victim family members on September 19, 2013 they are
The Benghazi 15

Here is the Video Evidence
Videos Copyright C-Span 2013

Video #1 - Review Panel

Video #2 - Parents Panel

 In Video #2 the #Benghazi15 have excused themselves and abandoned the Parents of American Heroes Killed in Service to their Country :

 Please Tweet their Names and Deed often during 2014

1.   Rep. Lacy Clay @LacyClayMO1 ·  Missouri 1st

2.   Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney @RepMaloney · New York 12th

3.    Rep. Danny Davis @RepDannyDavis ·  Illinois 7th

4.   Rep. Gerry Connolly @GerryConnolly ·  Virginia 11th

5.    Rep. Jim Cooper @repjimcooper  ·  Tennessee 5th

6.    Rep. Stephen Lynch @RepStephenLynch · Massachusetts 8th

7.    Rep. Steven Horsford @RepHorsford ·  Nevada 4th

8.    Rep. Tony C├írdenas @RepCardenas · San Fernando Valley

9.     Del. Eleanor H. Norton @EleanorNorton ·   Washington, DC

10.   Rep. Tammy Duckworth @RepDuckworth  ·  Illinois 8th

11.   Rep. John Tierney @RepTierney Massachusetts 6th

12.   Rep. Mark Pocan @repmarkpocan  ·  Wisconsin 2nd

13.   Rep. Matt Cartwright @RepCartwright · Pennsylvania 17th

14.   Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham @RepLujanGrisham ·  New Mexico 1st

15.   Rep. Peter Welch @PeterWelch ·  Vermont - At Large


Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Virginia 2013, Thanks to Jefferson, Madison, & Mason - A thankful Draw... Amen

A powerful wind blew through the Commonwealth of Virginia on Tuesday November 5, 2013, not the usual gale one might expect to come from the South off the Carolina Capes, but a odorous and ominous belch of stench funded by forces known not by Virginian's but by silent invaders hoping to further their agenda through betting on their candidate for Governor. They succeeded in their goal of turning the highest state office over to a Democrat with no experience in public office beyond back room dealing and bundling cash for those who would do the bidding for the true brokers of power. They took the top three positions in the Commonwealth, and picked up a few seats in the Virginia House of Delegates as well.

However, what did not accomplish was a clean sweep, as the control of the House of Delegates remains firmly in control of the Republican party. They accomplished an exact mirror of the government in Washington, DC with control of the upper house of the legislature and the executive with one party and the lower house of the legislature with the other. Unfortunately for them, the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia will not provide any playground for the nonsense found on Capitol Hill. Virginia has its fiscal house in order and plans to keep it that way, and the House of Delegates is not about to lay down or cower to their counterparts in the Senate or to the Governor. Their role is clearly laid out for them, and they have the power of the purse firmly in their grasps. The new Governor who won by a margin of less than fifty percent in a plurality has no firm mandate to make demands, regardless of any claims to the contrary. This is especially true because the very political machine that so profoundly funded the exploitive negativity of the past many months, also contributed heavily to the third party candidate that provided for the bitter sweet pill of not receiving a clear mandate with a true majority of the voting citizens.

The fact that the money driven election polls tumbled violently in the last days of the campaign as the major issue moved to ObamaCare and that the name sake of the law came to tout the virtues of the winning candidate without uttering a word about his signature legislation leaves one to wonder why on the occasion of his acceptance speech the Governor elect chose to make ObamaCare's Medicaid expansion a primary point of his agenda drawing from a missing mandate.  The very media that helped to support him was forced to report exit polls showing more than half of all voters had some serious reservations about implementing all or parts of the law based upon its website debacle and the cancellation of what will be untold millions of Americans who were blatantly lied to by their President on more than two dozen occasions stating the exact opposite would be true in order to insure passage of the legislation, and for many months in fact years afterwards.

Money Politics was played in Virginia and the Money won a hollow victory. It is proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that the framers of both the Virginia Constitution and the US Constitution were wise beyond their ability to comprehend. Even in this advanced technological age their tried and true system of checks and balances won out in the end. Thank God, yes God (as would have they) for a Draw... Amen.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The BPOL Tax Pledge

I ________________________ PLEDGE TO WORK WITH ALL MEMBERS OF


and deductions from "gross receipts.". TO RESTORE FAIRNESS TO Ҥ 58.1-

3700. License requirement; requiring evidence of payment of business

license, business personal property, meals and admissions taxes.” FOR




We all purchase motor fuel, gasoline and diesel fuel from service stations and convenience stores that sell gasoline and diesel fuel regularly, some of us more regularly than we would like. Over the past five years we have seen prices skyrocket to unheard of levels and we have resent days been told the national average price of a gallon of regular gasoline alone has been over $3.00 per gallon for more than one thousand (1,000) days. When motor fuel prices rise so do the gross receipts of resellers that market them to the public. Because petroleum is a commodity, these prices are subject to market forces resellers have no control over. Unfortunately, their profit margin whether the price is $5.00 per gallon or $0.99 per gallon is about the same, between 10 and 15 cents after applying fees for credit and debit cards. While it is true some resellers earn more, the majority are in this category. The margin on Diesel fuel is slightly higher averaging between 25 and 30 cents per gallon.

That said, the Business Professional and Occupational Tax also known as the BPOL tax is based on Gross Receipts. When the price goes up, so do the gross receipts. If the price remains high so do the taxes levied against the sales of the motor fuel. For many years prices were stable under $2.00 per gallon. Then came the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and prices began to fluctuate wildly. Still it took quite a while for them to rise and remain above $3.00 per gallon. This is true even during period when fuels are blended to account for seasons, winter fuel and summer fuel blends for air quality. When Refineries switch blends it causes inventories to fall, so prices increase; then as capacity returns to normal so to do prices.

Counties and Independent Cities in the Commonwealth of Virginia have had nothing short of a Windfall Profit over the past five years at the expense of Resellers of Motor Fuel. This is a separate and unequal manner of taxing businesses that cannot be allowed to stand. A few jurisdictions have gone as far as to deny Resellers important deductions from gross receipts that are codified in the Code of Virginia. The Federal and Virginia Excise Taxes paid by the Reseller on the Invoice received from the wholesaler. They depend on a twisted interpretation of how taxes are paid as their way to skirt the will of the General Assembly.

I am asking on behalf of Resellers that All Candidates for the General Assembly and for Governor in Virginia take the BPOL Tax Pledge. It is simple and straight forward and is just the right thing to do to restore fairness to Virginia's small businesses. Resellers of Motor Fuels we all depend on are our friends and neighbors. They deserve the same treatment as any other retailer.

Please ask your candidates to take the pledge!

Monday, September 09, 2013

Is Russia going to clean up its own mess in Syria... 

Today, Secretary of State John Kerry suggested that if President of Assad of Syria were to give up his Chemical Weapons that he could avoid a US Military Strike. Russia took up the idea and ran with it, Syria concurred, and the United Nations will be considering action on the matter soon. Go Figure...

These are my tweets since June about Syria & Mr. Putin

 #Syria is screwed and so are we for getting involved at this point. #Syria is #Russia 's problem. Let Putin deal with it. We've done enough!

#RT If you believe that @PutinRF_Eng 's Russia is the responsible party for cleaning up the mess in #Syria @whitehouse #US_Foreign_Policy

@PutinRF_Eng  #Russia 's Role in #Syria @BarackObama @whitehouse @whpresscorps

@TheSoulfulVixen @Patrick_Baz We Do Nothing because it is Putin's problem #GoodLuckRussia #UN  #Assad #Syria #CW #TCOT 

@RickLeventhal @BarackObama needs to call out #Putin at the G-20 and demand he hand over his proxy Assad to be tried for War Crimes.

 @ShannonBream Sorry... This is #PutinsProblem the UN needs to press Russia hard to clean up its proxy's mess. @FoxNews

 It is time for @PutinRF_Eng to clean up the #Proxy mess President Assad has created in #Syria. Make your own UN Resolution President Putin

Didn't the President just shake up his National Security Team? I'm wondering who has been saying what? It's a miracle we are going to get out of this one without having to fire a shot. Amen. 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

"The Decider in Chief Has Decided"

I'll take one from column from "Article I" and one from "Article II" but really I can do what I want if I decide to do that.  Excuse me Mr. President?

It is pretty clear that all you are doing on the domestic front is seeking cover from Republicans in Congress to not have to use military force against Syria so you can blame them for not being able to do the right thing in the 2014 mid-term election. While that may sound crass, it falls right in line with your first chief of staff's motto "Never let a good crisis go to waste".

At this point You've disrespected  the UN, you've rolled your Secretary of State under the bus, and you've found yourself left hanging out to dry by your most ardent ally Great Britain. That's not batting 1000, it's not even making it into the batter's box on a good day. What to do, what to do? Well there's really only one play left, and it's on the international stage. Granted a place you have again not had much luck, especially given the outcome of your Cairo speech, but I digress.

You must use the G-20 Meeting to hang all of this around the neck of Russian President Vladimir Putin. You must embarrass him into resolving the Syrian chemical weapons issue, if not the entire civil war. Assad is his protectee and he's blocked every vote involving Syria in the UN Security Council by hook or crook since he's been in power. So, if he's going to keep the world from acting, he needs to show the world he's capable of controlling his step-child. Whether he has to spank his bottom or bloody his nose to do it frankly is his business. The G-20 should put Russia on notice that there will be a price to pay if Putin fails to control Assad and you do still hold some sway at the G-20 by virtue of the fact that we still have a 16 trillion dollar economy regardless of a nearly 17 trillion dollar debt. The world needs a vibrant US Economy, it is less concerned with Russia. While you will have to overcome some natural gas concerns of our European friends who depend on Russian controlled pipelines, I am fairly certain Russia's thirst for cash will outweigh its need to protect Assad in Syria.
What's more Mr. President, harkening back to my previous blog entry, Mr. Putin has certain interest in seeing chemical weapons do not fall into the wrong hands. He has had a horrible movie theatre terrorist attack I am sure he would never want to see repeated. Islam Terrorist were responsible for that problem, just like they were for our 9-11 disaster at home, and last year in Libya. I believe this is the course you must take to secure a place in history and to find some reasonable manner to reclaim a sense of dignity at home which is certainly lost after what has to be the worst open source planning session ever. You might as well have had a Google Plus Hangout and taken suggestions from regular citizens.

 There you have it Mr. President, your course is clear, Have fun in Leningrad... oops that's St Petersburg again now isn't it... well for now anyway. God Speed.