Monday, July 16, 2012

My Very Racist Rant

Perhaps I should have just called this a very Politically Incorrect Rant, but then you likely wouldn’t have come here to read what I have to say. Frankly, this is about race in several definitions of the term, race in the sense of politics and race in the sense of the human condition.

Some time back, I am not sure exactly when… Americans began to be associated with their ethnic heritage and a hyphen… most predominantly the “African-American” and “Hispanic or Latino-American” are used to identify minority populations in the United States. Like window dressing the Italians, Arabs (secularly) and Muslim’s (religiously), the Greeks, Polish, and the very catch all European groups have been tossed into the lexicon mix. It is simply disgraceful to separate and segregate by term who or what someone is… unless of course you are a “Native American” which is a term summarily attached to American Indian, but is a more apt descriptor of anyone whose heritage by birth began their journey here. I am not sure where American Indians came from, some say they traveled up through South and Central America to settle here, others think some tribes were born from those crossing a thin land mass now occupied by the seaway dividing Russia and Alaska. Regardless, they were here for some time because Christopher Columbus so stated in 1492 or there about, but I digress.

The point here is that if you are a legal resident of the United States you can call yourself an American, and if you were born here or spend the time and effort required to become a legal United States Citizen then you can say you’re an American Citizen. The bottom line is neither being born on United States Soil or taking the oath of citizenship requires you to be anything but alive. Having a moniker hung around your net like a Scarlet Letter is nothing more than a tool to divide a society that is more fractured than it needs to be already. So, that’s all pretty “not racist” at this point unless it is considered racist not to call someone by their heritage-hyphenated designation. Who really knows or cares, even the courts have difficulties deciding.

 We are looking as American’s at an election that could well be one of the most significant in generations. Like the elections of Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Reagan the time has come for America to do some serious soul searching. The news media was beside itself in 2008 when Barrack Hussein Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States, the first African-American or Multi-Racial President ever elected. More than a million people filled the streets of Washington, D.C. and the National Mall to bear witness to his Inauguration. Today he would be lucky to gather a crowd of 10 thousand to hear his campaign speeches, and more often than not the huddled masses have more on their mind than listening to political speak from someone whose ideas and ideals only a few years ago made them feel good about the prospects of our country moving in a forward direction. What they got was a man who exhibited in every imaginable way the fact he had never run anything in his life. The President of the United States is after all the chief executive of a budget that is now in excess of 1 trillion (with a t) dollars, more than any company or country in the world. It takes a lot more than platitudes and feels good speeches to manage something as confounding and complex as the beast that’s head is Washington, D.C. Further, the President is responsible for setting the foreign policy of the United States and furthering the agenda of our country and our allies around the world. This is no small task for someone with a lifetime of experience dealing with huge personalities, much less that of countries capable of waging war in a way that could potentially be hugely destructive to the American way of life.

Put simply, the man who is now our President was and sadly still is in way over his head and has nary a clue as to what to do to fix the problems we face, and is unwilling to upset those who he is indebted to for his office. This is not to say he made this journey on his own… No without question he had plenty of help from large majorities in both houses of the Congress, and contrary to the line painted by the President and his party who lost the House of Representatives in the 2010 mid- term election for having displayed arrogance and incompetence in larger than life ways, he could have signed into law literally any bill he asked for or was given by the Congress because the minority party could do nothing to stop legislation from being passed or to override a veto if one had been offered. It was all Democrat (with a big “D”) all the time from January 2009 through December of 2010. What has the President done?
Given that the President who was at the time he ran for the office of President a sitting United States Senator from the State of Illinois and who was fully aware of the fact that a war was still raging in both Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as complete knowledge of the fiscal disaster that was brought about by the collapse of the real estate markets brought on by a complete lack of any discipline in trading insane derivative instruments on Wall Street among other things, persisted in his effort to attain the office and won the election. The former President, George W. Bush quite publicly invited Senator Obama and Senator McCain to the White House to discuss fully the financial condition of the country, where Senator McCain for a brief time suspended his campaign so he could devote his full attention to passing some sort of legislation to help rectify the matter. He received exactly what he knew to be true, not some surprise that only became evident at the time he took the oath of office. It is true that President Obama inherited a mess, but it wasn’t a mess he was not familiar with, nor was it one he was or is prepared to deal with managerially or otherwise. That would require leadership and experience, neither quality President possesses. So, the President and his friends Nancy Pelosi the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives and Senator Harry Reid the Majority Leader of the United States Senate set out to right the ship of state and all that was wrong with her, but try as they did, they failed miserably because they were not capable of leading either as a team, or following the vision of the President who clearly had none.

They passed a stimulus spending package that was designed to create or save millions of jobs, and it cost nearly 800 billion dollars of borrowed money, but the jobs did not come and the economy sputtered in the face of high gasoline prices that robbed any tax benefits average American’s received through the stimulus. They fashioned a bail out from an ill conceived program called TARP left to them by the Bush Administration that took aim at Wall Street firms like Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers and forced them out of business while propping up AIG (the largest insurer of Wall Street inequities) and Goldman Sachs the boardroom home of the former and newly appointed Secretaries of the Treasury. They passed a health care reform bill commonly referred to as Obama Care, but put forth as The Affordable Health Care act, they wrote it largely behind closed and locked doors and passed it on the eve of Christmas very much like the stimulus bill with no votes from the opposing party. The Speaker of the House of Representatives proudly stated that members would have to vote for the bill so the American people could find out what was in it, sadly neither she nor anyone else in her august body had read all or even most of it before voting in the affirmative. The bill came over from the United States Senate as a gutted bill from the House of Representatives turned into what the Supreme Court has now dubbed a tax which is a bill that is supposed to originate in the House of Representatives, the Constitution of the United States, Article I notwithstanding, and found its way to the desk of the President who also had not read all or even part of the bill before he affixed his signature to it and forced it down the throats of the American people. Finally, near the last hour of their party together they realized that the economy could take no more and they extended for two years (until after the next quadrennial election) the tax cuts signed into law in 2001 and 2003 by former President George W. Bush, and by association his namesake to this day.

Now, it seems like I have spent less time or race and more time of politics, but the story had to be told to bring into context what is the main concern of the author and that is pandering to minorities for votes. American Blacks make up something between 12 and 14 percent of the population but something less than that of the voting population for reasons we will not get into here. American’s of Hispanic or Latin decent make up between 20 and 24 percent of the population and again less than that of the voting population. The two together pull in the neighborhood of one third of the vote nationwide. They are not a monolithic voting block and try as they might to maintain ignorance of the truth from them; an awaking has begun to take place. Unfortunately, it may not be fully developed before the November election. The President and his party are quite content to pander shamelessly to these populations, insisting that they cannot possibly get along without significant assistance from the government. In fact the President stated this past Saturday, July 14th that no one in this country achieved success on their own, regardless of their ingenuity, their stictuitiveness, or their hard work and good sense. If not for the community and the government they would be sputtering aimlessly in a country with no infrastructure and no manner of social substance. What an insult to the generations of Americans who have laid the way through their hard work and the payment of tax dollars used to fund the so called “help” that previous generations have commonly referred to as the American Dream. They left place where the next generation necessarily does better than the current one, not because they built a better government, but because they built a better America. Today that dream is in jeopardy, and seems unreachable for many who have lost so much in the economic downturn.  But the least able to take full advantage are those in the minority who for their entire lives have been kept down by archaic laws that perpetuate and promote a welfare state and dependency where it need never have come to that. Laws that made it profitable for families to split up or never come together in the first place in order for the cars of the benefit train to become filled with booty from Uncle Sam. Now waivers are being issued to reinvigorate the welfare state as we once knew it before the reforms passed by a Democrat President and a Republican Congress while managing to balance a budget on the back of no American.

American Blacks are expected to support a President who has given them nothing, no fair deal, no good deal, just a raw deal. American Hispanics and Latinos expecting immigration reform when it could easily have been achieved in a fully empowered Democrat government were left holding the bag once again, even though comprehensive immigration reform failed in the previous administration by only a very few votes. As a token the President extended a non-deportation order for unlawful entrants into the US who met certain criteria, until they attain the age of 30. These populations are not what reasonable people consider liberal. They are very conservative in their core beliefs about spending and about social matters, but generationally they have been entrapped and corrupted into believing that they could not make it without the hand of the government in their lives. They have been bludgeoned into submission as voters for the Democrat Party when everything they have inside says they want have and live traditional American values unencumbered by the shackles of the government dole. The Democrat Party that holds so dear a “Separation of Church and State” freedom from religion rather than of it, panders in American Black churches at the very pulpits they would ban from a high school graduation. Truly it is Shame, shame, shame on them and a pox on their houses.

Americans get up every day and go to work, they attend a religious service, they believe in an American ethic, and not a hyphenated representation based their skin color. They don’t want their money used to kill babies, and they don’t want their babies to be gunned down on the streets. They don’t want their friends and neighbors to be lead astray by the glamour of crime. They want to be honest Americans who love their country. It is time to stop setting people aside, time to stop ignoring the cause of their problems, and time to stop putting band-aids on the errors of the past that perpetuated the conditions that bring forward nothing but pain and suffering. It is time to let people believe in themselves, in their families, in what they hear coming from their pulpits, and in their country. It is time to stop bickering about benefits and to start implementing solutions based on American values. It is time to give people a chance to become great because they are great and not because they show up. There are winners and losers in America and more often than not the losers eventually become winners because they believe that they have the opportunity to be just that, a winner, an American.

No President has been more divisive than President Obama, nor has any President done more damage to our way of life by trying to fundamentally change who we are. We were not a broken people, we were a broken economy. We were not deprived of healthcare; we were denied the ability to access affordable health care. The President of the United States is a leader and although for some President’s that has taken different paths, some in war, some in peace, some in difficult financial times, until now all of them have tried to make a difference and to lift the American people. Even Jimmy Carter whose economic record was a dismal disgrace tried to lead. This President has done nothing to lead, nothing to rally the American spirit, nothing to give the hope he so boldly spoke of in his campaign in 2008. He let the Congress run rough shot over him and he took credit for their bad choices by putting lipstick on a pig. It’s very sad. Now he claims a banner “Forward” which is quite appropriate since his past is one no American is willing to relive.

The American people may not like Mitt Romney, they may not like the fact he is a Mormon, or that he has achieved his American Dream and become wealthy through hard work. They may not like he is a family man with a large family and that he has evolved more than once on a number of issues near and dear to their heart. This election is not about liking the man, rather believing in him and trusting him to do the right thing. It is about expecting him to use his experience as a leader to truly right our ship of state and bring our economy into calm waters. This election is about a choice between a man who has been exposed to leadership and a man who has lived as a leader. This election is about giving America back to Americans and turning a deaf ear to anyone who disputes that they are not as ready to sacrifice as any generation before them. This election is about continuing to correct a grave mistake which started in 2010 when Americans stopped the free will of President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid to experiment with their lives and their livelihoods. It is time for Americans to collect on President Obama’s belief that if he did not turn things around in three years it would be a one term proposition. How prophetic on his part to state what so many envisioned, and now how many now see. Thank you President Obama for nothing and please have a nice comfortable ride on Air Force One back to whence you came, Chicago is your kind of town, and Rahm Emanuel is keeping it ready for you.
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